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These are hands down the best apps for storing your photos


best photo storing app

Photos are not just digital stills of moments of your life (or probably that’s all they are). Photos tell the story of your life, a good photo can make you feel super nostalgic, can make you happy, make you think about people you are no longer in contact with , the moments you shared with them and oh! they can get you more likes on facebook than your simple text posts. But not all of us are very savvy  about saving up these digital bits of our life despite having a variety of cloud services to help us do just that. One of the initial confusion about using these services can be – which one should I settle for? This post will hopefully help you settle for one. (Note – all of these apps are multiplatform and focus on privacy)

The less popular ones –

Everalbum – A very , very sleek and good looking app. The app puts itself in the Productivity category on various app stores and continues to rule the Productivity charts in many countries (at the time of the writing). The app aims to save you as much storage on your phone as possible which is evident from its regular prompts about how much space you save on your phone by backing them up with Everalbum. It saves pictures not from your camera roll, but from virtually all the folders with an image in them (Whatsapp photos, downloads etc.) Works with a wide array of services like Facebook , Instagram, Dropbox etc. You can store unlimited amount of photos . Storing your picture in high resolution is a pro feature you have to pay for.

Shoebox – It’s kind of hard to differentiate between Shoebox and Everalbum.( I wonder what do they have on their USP slide on pitch deck) Both virtually does the same thing. But Shoebox, personally, feels less cluttered. Seamlessly syncs your photos (camera roll and screenshots automatically) and videos. Comes with the same unlimited storage and the kind of pro plan Everalbum has. Between, Everalbum and Shoebox, you may yourself want to try out both  and use whichever feels right. Both the apps helps you remember what  you were doing the last month, last day on this year through pictures. Ah! good old memories and sometimes awkward ones, all saved up in the cloud ( or down in someone’s servers).

The popular options –

Google Photos – comes with virtually unlimited storage space and an assistant with some pretty good tricks up its sleeves. It can search photos for you in some really cool ways. Remember your photos from your greek vacation? Simply search for “greece photos” and it will churn results from your greek vaction. It comes as a default app for your photos in many phones and is made by google, which means, it’s here to stay (hopefully, I thought the same way about G reader).

Dropbox – This second position can be taken by many other apps definitely. You have onedrive, icloud and many others. But Dropbox definitely seems to be a good option , not only because of its simplicity , but also because how well Dropbox plays with variety of lifestyle and productivity apps. By the way, you may want to skip Dropbox if you can’t pay their monthly fees after reaching 2 GB storage capacity.

Hopefully you will start syncing your photos from now on, won’t you?