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These Are The Whatsapp Hacks Everybody Needs To Know


Use Whatsapp? Here are some great Whatsapp hacks you should know.

1) Use bold,  italics and strikethrough

You can write your texts in bold,  italics as well as strikethrough.  Simply use *Brevity* , _Brevity_ ,  ~Brevity~ ,  to type in bold,  italics and strikethrough  respectively.

2) Use Whatsapp on your browser

Simply go to , you will see a QR code. Go to Whatsapp web in the settings section and you are good to go.

3) Save your data

You can save your data by choosing what can be downloaded while you are using data. Go to the data usage section in settings.

4) Never miss an important Whatsapp text

Do you consider your mom’s or boss’s texts to be important than others?  You can activate a different  type of notification for them to know when they have texted you. Click on options button at the top left of the chat, go to view contact/group info and select custom notifications.

5) You can see when  your messages were read

Guess you knew this one,  in case you don’t,  simply select a message and click on the “i” for info icon. You can see when your messages were read and by whom in a group as well.

6) Create chat shortcuts for special ones

Do you chat with 2-3 people most of your time on Whatsapp?  You can reach a particular  contact directly and fairly by creating shortcuts like you would for an app on desktop . Long press a particular  contact and you will get the option to add a shortcut for them.

7) The best  of all,  you can hide your read receipts

Don’t  want others to know  when you read their text?  Go to account in setting,  then privacy settings where you can hide your “last seen” as well as your ” read receipts” .

8) Reply without opening a chat

With the help of pop-up notifications,  you can reply to your contacts without even opening up your chat fully . Go to settings -> notifications -> pop-up notifications.

9) Bookmark messages

This one may turn out to be a life saver.  Do you often lose important  information  in group chats?  Simply select  the message,  click on the star at top to bookmark it.  You can find your bookmarks by clicking at the three vertical dots on top right -> starred messages.

Go ahead,  use Whatsapp  like a pro now.