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How to Fight Your Facebook Addiction


Let’s accept , facebook is not what it used to be. A lot of people now go to Facebook to conusume content, get  distracted rather connecting with loved ones. Facebook can eat up hours and hours of your time that can be used for something  more productive. Here are some great ways to tackle your facebook addiction –

Uninstall the app – Most of the facebook consumption  is being done through their mobile apps. Instead of keeping the app,  simply visit their mobile website and you can get rid of all the distracting notifications. As a result,  you will be using facebook  only when YOU feel like,  not when facebook reminds you to do so.

Use Focusbook – Focusbook is a chrome extension that asks you everytime the purpose  of your visit to the site.  After sometime, it reminds you that the purpose  might have been fulfilled  and it’s  time to move away. Another great chrome extention  is Kill News Feed.

Use messenger  – If your purpose  of visiting  facebook is specifically  messaging at any time.  Simply go to (neat,  clutter free) instead of facebook.

Keep track – Use apps like Toggl (multiplatform app)  ,  Forest (iOS & android)  focused at increasing your productivity by tracking the amount of time you spend on different sites,  helping you stay away from your device etc.