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These secret iPhone tricks unlock hidden features for you


iPhone is full of cool hidden features. There are tricks to make your iPhone run super fast as well as trick to make your iPhone talk to your car. You can unlock a plethora of features just by dialing a few numbers. Here are some of them –

1) You can call block your Caller ID on others phone with this trick . Simply add #31# before dialing the number of the person on whose phone you don’t want your caller ID to be shown.

2) You can get information about signal on your iPhone which is more precise than signal bars. You need to enter the “field test mode” first by calling this number – *3001#12345#* . After that, hold the power button immediately. The power down screen button will pop up.You need to hold the home button, do that until you are back to the homescreen. You will get precise measure of signal at the top. -40 to -80 depicts good signal, while below -80 till -140 depicts poor signal.

3) You can find your phone’s unqiue code by simply typing *#06#.

You didn’t know these cool iPhone tricks, did you?