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These Secret iPhone Tricks Will Help You Get The Latest iOS Version Before Anybody Else


iPhone users are eagerly waiting for the latest iOS 10. What if we could help you get it before everyone else? We have previously covered secret iPhone tricks that will make your iPhone a lot faster and a trick that makes your iPhone talk to your car. There are two ways you can get your hands on the latest iOS 10 beta which has been called the best update to iOS so far. Practice these methods with caution.

1) The first beta of iOS 10 was released on June 13. It is supposed to be available to developers only at this point. You can get your hands on it if you have a developer account, have a friend who owns a developer account or you can simply make one for yourself.

2) You need to google a developer profile if you are using iOS 9 and don’t have a developer account. You can download the latest version then after going to Settings – Generals – Software updates. This youtube video depicts the process visually.

Have a great time using the latest iOS version.