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These Secret iPhone Tricks Will Make It Superfast


Nobody likes a slow device, simply nobody. If your iPhone is not as fast as it used to be when you first bought it , here are two great tricks to make it faster  (Here is the best way to charge your phone backed by science)-

Clear RAM –

1 – Hold own the power button. Do it until you see “Slide to power off”
2 – Let go and hold down the home button.
3 – Do it until the screen goes blank and your home screen reappears. RAM cleared.

Clear Cache –

1 – Clearing out the cache in Apple’s apps can make your iPhone run faster.
2 – In the App store, Game Center, Phone, Music and Podcasts apps, you can clear cache by tapping 10 times on any single tab icon at the bottom of the screen.

Use you lightening fast iPhone now.