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Here is what thinking negatively does to your brain

Here is what thinking negatively does to your brainComplaining is a common habit shared by most of us and research doesn’t disagree either. But the simple act of complaining can do some serious damage to your brain and overall health.

When we repeat a behavior multiple times, our neurons branch out to each other making the flow of information easier. It eases up the process of repeating that behavior again. The same applies to complaining, when you complain a lot, you are rewiring your brain for negativity.

It has also been found that complaining shrinks a critical part of your brain responsible for problem solving – hippocampus.

Your health is poorly effected too. When you complain, stress hormone (cortisol) is released in your body. Regular complaining and a frequent release of cortisol can hurt your immune system and increase your chances of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

So now you have a great reason to introspect about your complaining habits, don’t you?


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