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This Secret iPhone Trick Makes Your Car Talk To Your Phone


Did you know that your iPhone can talk to your car? Well, it can through a secret iPhone trick (These secret iPhone tricks will make it super fast). We have previously covered how to make your devices talk to each other but this time it is about your car and iPhone.

What do you need for it? Nothing extra, all that is required is the in-built Reminder app in your phone. Your car can trigger reminders on your phoen with this trick.

If you want to be reminded of something before reaching your destination or when you reach your destination, the bluetooth of you car can help. Here is how to do it –

– Start by adding a new entry in the Reminders app.
– You will find the ”i” icon next to your reminder , tap it.
– Then you need to toggle “Remind me at a location”.
– Tap “Location”
– Finally, you need to select “Getting in the car” or “Getting our of the car”.

There you go, now your car can talk to your iPhone.