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This Simple Personalisation Trick Makes Your Phone Look Smarter Than Others


Beauty and asthetics are very important  needs for a human being (Beauty is the eyes of the beholder and now even science  agrees) . Our platonic love towards our smartphones have forced manfucturer to come out with sleek, good looking phones that keep getting better and better.

If you want a great looking device,  you can do any of the three things  – buy a device that actually looks good,  add a beautiful case or cover and lastly personalise it with a huge array of personalisation apps (because,  you know,  true beauty is on the inside).

You can personalise almost anything (here the best wallpaper apps you need to try)  on your phone but one thing very few people know about is – navbar personalisation.

Imagine if you could make your boring little navbar at the bottom of your phone look better with probably your own photos,  or maybe nyan cat.

Navbar apps allows you to customize your navbar.  You can select colors,  pre made graphics or your own photos. One useful feature is that you can even add important data like battery level to it.

Try it and flaunt.