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This simple rule can save your eyes from straining


We are addicted to our screens.  We begin our morning looking at our mobile devices,  work in front of desktops and finish our day again looking at our mobile screens. We have previously discussed how to save your neck from straining (Simple ways to use your smartphone without ruining your neck) but your eyes go through a good amount of suffering  as well because of your device usage. So how can you save your eyes from straining?

The activity is so common and so  much recommemded, it’s almost kosher for people working for longer hours in front of screens. And the simple rule is the 20 20 20 rule, the three 20s makes it easier to remember  them as well.

The rule says to protect your eyes from straining (How to use your device and sleep at night without ruining  your eyes) :

After every 20 minutes of work look at something for 20 seconds which is 20 feet away at least.

Furthermore blinking more often while working in front of your device or simply closing your eyes for a few moments helps too.  If you can, try to move around every hour for a few moments too.