This simple trick lets you know your Uber rating

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It has kind of become impossible to think of convenient transportation in a world without Uber. All of us have availed the service multiple times now. Uber maintains a rating system where you have to rate the drivers after each ride so that quality is maintained throughout the system but you , as a rider, are rated too after each ride too by the driver.

Curious to know your rating (mine is 5) ? By following some simple steps you can see your Uber rating, here is how –

1) Open Uber app and go to the ptofile icon on the top left

2) Go to Help > Account and Payment > Account Settings and Ratings

3) Scroll to the bottom and you will find “I’d like to know my rating”

4) Tap on it and press the submit button

5) You will get a popup with your score.

So, what’s your Uber rating?