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This trick lets you activate iPhone’s hidden magnifying glass


Yes, iOS 10 is full of hidden new features (These secret iPhone tricks unlock new features for you), and yes you can zoom into objects that works way way better than simply pinching to zoom in your iPhone’s camera app.

So how do you unlock this?

This is a new Accessibility setting and that is where you can unlock it from (this simple trick lets you free up space on your iPhone quickly) . Simply go to settings followed by General followed by Accessibility and finally select Magnifier.

How can I use this?

Well, that is simple too. Triple click or tap (all you need to know about the new iPhones in 90 seconds) the home button from any screen and you will see the magnifier app.

What else can I do with the app?

A variety of stuff actually ranging from adjusting brightness to turning on and off flash for getting the picture you desire.

But I can’t see the pictures in my camera roll

Yes , the picture you click with the magnifier app aren’t saved in your camera roll. You can access by opening the magnifier app (it exists until you tap the shutter icon again) or , you know, take screenshots.

So go ahead, god lies in details, find them.