Two rats, cocaine and one of the greatest life lesson.

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What can an experiment involving two rats and cocaine teach you about life? A lot.

An experiment involving two rats (lets call them Rat A and Rat B) involved both the rats getting an injection of cocaine but Rat A had to pull a lever first before getting the cocaine. Rat B , on the other hand, had to do nothing.

What difference can pulling a lever make? As a result of pulling the lever which exhibits an actual effort to get the cocaine, more dopamine (neurotransmitter that rewards us with pleasure) was released in Rat A’s body.

This shows that when you get something by making a decision and following it up with  efforts, you feel more better than when you get it simply out of luck or by chance. Hence, the next time you fret about making an effort towards your goal, remember Rat A, your effort-intensive work may start seeming a little better.

From – The Upward Spiral