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Here is how to unlock the secret android game that comes in your android phone

hidden android settings game

Google quite knows how to hide a few games here and there. Go in offline mode in your chrome, press spacebar or simply tap on the dinosaur and a game will start, type Pacman in google search and you will get the search results with a Pacman game.
But do you know your android phone comes with a hidden Flappy bird like game too?

Unlocking the game is very easy. Works only on lollipop and marshmallow version.

1) Go to Settings – > About Phone

2) You will see the Device Version Number. tap on it rapidly.

3) Depending on the version of your phone, a lollipop or marshmallow will pop up.

4) Tap on the lollipop or marshmallow rapidly for up to 30 seconds (try long pressing if tapping doesn’t work) and see your game begin.

Go make a new high score.


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