What Is Humble Bragging And Why You Should Avoid It

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Humble bragging sucks. People mostly hate humble braggers but wait , what exactly is humble bragging? 

Humble bragging,  as the name suggests, is plain old bragging veiled in the form of a complaint  or a joke.  You are bragging while trying to appear modest to the world.

Here is an example –

“I was just invited as a chief guest at prestigious XYZ event and I have been invited as a chief guest at another prestigious XYZ event. So sad! I am always so busy man.”

Now if you are able to relate  yourself with this activity,  there is a good reason you should stop doing it.  Why?  Because research  says people hate you.

In a recent  study,  the reaction of a set of people  to a brag,  complain  and a humble brag was evaluated . Researchers found that people liked the complaints the most and humble bragging the least.

So if you don’t  want people to dislike you,  stop bragging while trying  to appear modest.