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Here is why you are failing to motivate your employees and what to do about it

motivate employees

When we think of motivation, we often think of people “pushing themselves” through obstacles, following some steps to complete a goal that is clear. You apply some certain steps to achieve a tangible goal. Unfortunately, goals in the workplace are not that clear.

Most of the discussion about motivation today encircles extrinsic motication , that is , when you are driven because you want to attain a positive reward or avoid a negative conseuence. What employees actually need to succeed is intrinsic motivation, that is, the motivation that comes from within and is not dependent on attaintment of external tangible objects. For example, taking part in a soccer game just to win a trophy is extrinsic motivation while taking part in the game because you actually enjoy playing soccer exhibits intrinsic motivation.

In today’s dynamic business world of everchanging goals and objectives, it is very necessary for your employees to be intrinsically motivated so that they can navigate through changes easily.

Here are three very simple things you can do to actually motivate your employees –

1) Trust them in terms of their job roles and responsibilities. A sense of independence among employees can boost their motivation.

2) Make them feel that their work is important by narrating how your product/service effects the lives of your customers and the difference it makes.

3) Make everyone feel like their contribution counts towards the attainment of company’s main objectives.

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