How to make movies with professional effects right from your phone

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make movies with professional effects With time we have realized how great our phones can be in helping us accomplish our creative aspirations. Whether you are a writer, photographer, singer or whatever your passion may be, our smartphones have enabled us to not just create great content but distribute it to a mass audience too.

But imagine being able to make movies on your phone with special effects almost as good as you see in your movies. Well there is an app for that.

Framy , an app available for both ios and android users lets you create your own movies with great visual effects. The app makes a great use of augmented reality as well as virtual reality to materialize your creativity.

You can use a plethora of images, sounds, special effects, emotes and additional settings. In fact, you can add yourself in them too. From making it rain on a shiny day to dinosaurs wrecking your workplace you can make all of this a reality.

One thing that is really appreciable about the app, which is hard to find in some of the others is the sheer simplicity of all. With a single tap, you can do so many things.

If you thought live stickers on Snapchat are cool, wait till you try this out. Go make a blockbuster.