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This is probably the saddest game ever still you will love it

saddest gameGames are a form of art , a beautiful medium for storytelling. Great stories are those that evoke emotions, make us feel happy,sad, angry, frightened and what not. What happens when a sad story meets the interactive medium of gaming? A very sad game (probably the saddest game) happens.

Have you ever been through a break up? You know the feeling, how suddenly your life seems event less. A void takes over your life but still you have to go through your usual routine. The game End of the world is just about that. You wake up every morning, follow a seemingly simple routine, drink beer, pass out , and a bunch of other activities. (Read: Game developers are tackling piracy with…creativity)

In a world devoid of any other human beings, you move around in an industrial era like beautiful setting. Your living situation worsens up everyday. But within all this pain, there is something beautiful – your past.

From time to time, you get the option to tap on a clock and look back at your past when you had a romantic life. A partner that meant the world to you and now that she is gone, it is the end of the world.

You can enjoy the side scrolling game both on iOS and (Here is how to unlock the hidden game that comes in your android phone) also on android.