A Browser Designed Specially For Productivity? Yes, That Exists

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Browser is one of the most used app which proportionally makes it one of the most used app for productive purposes too. But is there a mobile browser designer specifically to make you more productive? Yes, that exists and it’s called “Task Browser – Tangram”.

Tangram, with its smart swipe based, tab-less interface makes it a must for mobile productivity. It’s focus is on professionals and heavy users and no doubt that’s where there focus is given their task focussed design.

It has 3 main sections defined on its website as following –

Compared to computers, mobile devices have limited screen-size. Tangram has three sections, working independently, allowing you to Seek, Select, and Store information.

– The Web Section allows you to seek information for tasks.
–┬áThe Stack Section allows you to select information you filtered.
–┬áThe Bookmarks Section allows you to store information and share.

We really liked the ability to group tabs based on session, source or purpose.

Furthermore it comes with a great spectrum of tools that allow you to share and collaborate upon your collected information. The information , too , can be efficiently collected in different form like snippets, screenshots, notes and more.

Another great thing – it works in same manner as link bubble too.

If you are serious about mobile productivity, give it a try.