These are the smartest and most annoying alarm apps that dare you to sleep.

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Being able to wake up at desired time often seems like a superhuman ability to a lot of people. Here are some great apps that make sure you wake up on time : –

1) Alarmy (Sleep if you can) – Also known as the world’s most annoying alarm clock , it asks you to first register a place where you want to turn off the alarm clock and in the morning when the alarm rings, you have to wake up and click a picture of the registered place to turn off the alarm. Does sounds annoying.

2) AlarmMon (alarm clock) – The cutest alarm clock ever, this app allows to pick a character (with its own game) to pick you up in the morning. You silent the alarm by properly playing the game. Gaming elements like lucky slots are included.

3) Shake-it Alarm – To shut this alarm, you have to any of these 3 things – Shake off (Shake your device) , Scream off (wake up by shouting, definitely not going to try that), Touch off (tap multiple times on screen to turn off the alarm). It has a pretty great add-on that we like – Alarm Message, if you are not able to wake up within a specified time after the alarm rings, the app can send a text to your friend asking him/her to wake you up.

4) Timy alarm clock – Again works along the lines of AlarmMon but pretty limited in characters and features. We found the characters to be funny. If you find the AlarmMon experience to be too overwhelming, go for this one.

5) AlarmPad – Maybe the most advanced app in terms of features, it can do all, ranging from integrating with Tasker to making you dismiss the alarm by solving a math question, puzzle, qr code scan etc. Puzzle alarm clock also works on the principle of solving puzzles to silence the alarm.

6) Wakie – A very interesting concept. It’s a social network where people put the time at which they want to wake up and get calls from strangers who wake them up. You can wake up others too and if no one else is available to wake you up, you will get a call from a robot. Most importantly, it’s anonymous.

Go ahead, try hitting that snooze button now.