This app by a 17 year old is one of the best apps ever

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The recently launched app, Accomplish by a 17 year old , is one of the best productivity apps we have come across. The app is a great example of how great design can simply change the way you do a certain task for better.

Accomplish like to call self “to do list reborn “. While it can definitely do most of the things your productivity app does, it’s most innovative feature is the graphical view of your tasks also called the day view.

The app is a perfect marriage of a calendar and to do list app. While the app developers say it focuses on “Short – term time management”, we can see ourselves using this app for a long time.

As per the app description –

“Accomplish is a To-do list that takes task management one step further. Not only does it help you remember the tasks that you need to do, with a conventional and simplistic to-do list, but it also lets you graphically plan out your time, with a daily planner built in. Using Accomplish, you can drag tasks straight from your to-do list into a calendar-like “day view”. You can graphically plan out when you will get each of your tasks done.”

Check out the app today.