This award winning website is the most fascinating one ever for anyone using web

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We use the web everyday but how much do we know about how it came to be, its evolution to the form we are using it in right now. While going through all the history and development of  web can be a daunting task even for an enthusiast, a new website will tell you all the fascinating details about the evolution of web in just a few minutes.

Created by Nominet, a domain registration company in U.K, “Story of the web” reports everything about the evolution of web from the early 90s.The site is divided into different segments like “The early days”, “From boom to bust”, “The people-powered web”,”Web 2.0”, “The multimedia mobile web”, “Democracy and the web” and “Rise of online video”.-

The award winning website is a captivating and insightful resource for anyone interested in learning about the world wide web we use everyday.