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These amazing things happen to your body when you are in love


These amazing things happen to your body when you are in love

Being in love is known to be a great emotional experience. People say it can change your world, as science suggests, it actually does. Being in love can lead to some great physical reactions in your body , here are a few of them –

Snuggling and cuddling can act as a pain killer –

Oxytocin is known to relieve pain, and it is released when you hug or cuddle with your partner. Quite a pain relief method.

Love sweetens up things, for real –

In a research, volunteers were asked to write about romantic, neutral or a jealousy centered experience. All the participants were given candies followed by this. Participants who wrote about romantic experiences exclaimed the candies to be sweeter than others who did not write a romantic experience. That’s sweet.

Keep the pictures handy –

A finding reported in New York Times suggests looking at the picture of your loved ones can help you get relief from pain too.

Your hearts beat together –

Researchers at University of California got 32 heterosexuals couples sitting in front of each other. The couples maintained eye contact and did not touch each other. Researchers discovered that the heart beats of romantic couples actually synchronized. Amazing , isn’t it?

Want stronger bones? –

Study from UCLA suggests that men who have married a supportive spouse and are 25 years or older have stronger bones. Even if you are not married, research suggests, your bones are likely to be stronger than a man with failed relationship. Having appreciative partner has also been known to be good for women’s bones.