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How To Convince Your Partner For Using Sex Toys

How To Convince Your Partner For Using Sex ToysYou have read about them, you have seen references (or depictions) to them in one of your favorite shows or movies, heck you have even secretly visited one of those sites selling them and you definitely want to try them out as well. The only thing that’s holding you back is…well… your partner.

Sex toys are pretty common nowadays. But if you are one of those who still haven’t used them to know how good they can be in spicing up your sex life just because you wonder what your partner will say, here is how you can convince them easily.

– Bring up the topic casually by referencing to a movie, show, book or article with any relation to sex toys.

– Tell them you would like to try sex toys too. Remind yourself and your partner that new things take time getting used to. Although, hopefully, in this case, the first few seconds of using the products will be convincing enough.

– Show how it is going to benefit your partner. Sex toy – > a more stimulated version of you -> hotter sex for your partner.

– Try out stuff that both of you can use. Penis rings, couple massagers, heck, there are variety of things you can check out.

– Think of it as an experience. Don’t think of it as simply ordering stuff from a site. Sit together, explore stuff you want to try together, shop together (make out in between if you want), let the experience of buying those products be similar to the usage of sex toys – fun.