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How to find out if you are bad at sex


Do you ponder over the question “Am I not good enough in bed ?” The answer to the question may be very difficult to find because sometimes even your partner will not completely be true to you. You may have the feeling that you are not able to satisfy your partner completely and this may turn out to be really shameful, embarrassing or even disheartening for you.

Before we help you know if you’re bad in bed we want you to know that it’s nothing to worry about. It can even be a product of some medical conditions, antidepressants, stress , whiskey-dick etc. You can always get better and improve. Also if you think you have a small shaft, an odd shaped vagina or have a flabby body , you can’t be good at sex, stop thinking that way. Don’t let your screwed up self body image ruin the fun with your partner.

Some signs to know you are bad in bed –

1. You’re too quick to end – Do not race to the end or focus all your attention on climaxing. Women especially like to take it slow and take time to ‘warm up’ for their steamy hot sex session. Give enough time to foreplay and caressing each other’s body. Orgasm may be the most exciting part of it but don’t let it overshadow your intimate time with your partner.

2. You’re too selfish – Don’t just focus on your fun. Sometimes watching your partner having an intense orgasm can be the best turn on. Take care that both of your are enjoying equally to take the craziness to a whole new level.

3. You don’t speak up – Let your partner know what you want from them. Shying away or being not so genuine will only do bad to your sexy time together.

4. Awkward silence follows – If something went wrong, your partner’s silence will tell you. They may have not enjoyed fully or you did something they did not like or there just could be awkward moments during the session. Try to make sex a joyful experience for the two of you.

5. Lack of communication – Make sure you’re communicating regularly. Tell your partner about everything, be it the description of what you loved being so close to them or what turned you off.

Do not worry , with a little more perseverance you can fix anything.

Cling together and get going ! 😉


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