20 years ago, it was much easier losing weight.

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A recent study in Obesity Research and Clinical Practice suggests that it’s much harder to lose weight now than it was 20 years ago given the same amount of exercise and diet.

Researchers, after analysing the data from approx 51,000 Americans reached on the conclusion that a person in 2006 (eating and exercising the same) as someone the identical age in 1988 had 2.3 points higher BMI. Hence the person in 2006 would be 10% more heavier than his/her counterpart in 1988.

The Atlantic reports 3 reasons behind this as put forward by researchers –

1) Increasing exposure to chemicals could be a reason behind weight gain.

2) Increasing use of prescription drugs. ( Antidepressants specifically have been associated with weight gain)

3) Antibiotics, hormones or artificial sweeteners in meat and other food could possibly be changing the bacteria in our guts further hampering weight loss.

Result? Unfortunately, you do need to work harder to lose weight than your dad had to in his days.

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