Here is why onions are great for your health

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Love onions or hate them but you can’t deny that they are super useful for leading a healthy life. Here are some reasons onion is great for your health :

  • Onions help in the regulation of blood sugar as they contain chromium.
  • They can improve your immunity by improving the working of Vitamin C in your body.
  • Want a healthy heart? Raw onions promote the production of HDL (good cholesterol) giving you a healthier heart.
  • Quercetin, a compound which is found in onions as well as tea, apples and red wine helps in cancer prevention.
  • They reduce your chances of developing gastric ulcers by removing free radicals.
  • Next time you get stung by a bee apply onion juice to the area to get instant relief.

Now can someone bring me more onions please.

Summarised up to 50% from – 8 Great Benefits of Onions

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