How to Make Your Make Out Sessions as Hot as Sex

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Who said make out sessions cannot be as hot as sex? Sometimes, it can be ever more hotter. In case you believe in taking things slowly or simply are not in mood for sex, here are some great tips to have sizzling hot make out sessions –

  • Take it slow – Take things slowly, since orgasm is not the main aim here do not dive directly into heavy kissing and caressing. Allow yourself to be creative, enjoy and focus even the slightest of a sensuous touch.
  • Position matters – Sitting on your partner’s lap (for girls) with his legs wide apart or pulling him as close as possible while you lean against a wall can spice up your session.
  • Dry humping – The act of simulating intercourse/ different sex moves with your clothes on can sometimes be hotter than sex.
  • Dirty talking – Think out loud, moan, talk about what you want to do each other and how you feel. Talking ( the most underutilised method for having great sex) can definitely make things wilder.

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