Here is how to learn anything twice as fast

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As per new research , you can fasten your learning by modifying the way you practice rather than practising more. Motor skills may need repetition but iterative repetition is much more effective.

A new study from John Hopkins University found that participants learnt a computer based motor skill quicker by using a technique called ‘Reconsolidation’ than by pure repetition.

Reconsolidation, a process in which existing memories are recalled and modified with new knowledge helps learn more and faster, suggests Pablo Celnik, Professor, JHU.

The study was conducted in eighty six volunteers divided in three groups who were trained to perform a cursor related computer-screen task, one group was made to perform the task only once, the second group was trained by repeatedly performing the same task and the third by modifying their repetition by minute changes. They were made to repeat the task the next day and their performance was in the ascending order of their listing with the third group performing roughly twice as better than the second group and so on.

The key is to make slight changes in the practice session but if the modifications are too huge, that doesn’t really help.

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