Learn to control your mind and meditate in 40 seconds

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  1. Breath properly – Focus on deep breathing and maintain the focus at all times, don’t give attention to any distracting thoughts.
  2. Upper body posture – relax your arms and shoulders, sitting straight keep your hands on your thighs .
  3. Lower body posture-If you are sitting on a chair then keep your feet flat on the floor or sit cross – legged with the help of cushions.
  4. Emotions – Feel your emotions as you meditate, it brings stability and improves your emotional health.
  5. Eyes – To keep your meditation body based -close your eyes. If you want to feel the anchored space then keep them open but don’t let yourself get distracted.
  6. Time– Start with meditating for 5 minutes a day and gradually move upto an hour or more .

Summarised from this infographic.