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All you need to know about having sex in a car in 100 seconds


Did you try having sex with your partner in a car ever? If not, you should catch hold of them and try this atlst once to explore this adventurous way of having fun with your significant other. A car is both an ‘unusual place’ and a ‘romantic place’ for having sex and these are the kinds of places women crave for , according to some studies. But before your rendezvous, this is what you need to know –

Find a good place– You definitely don’t want to be caught to bring yourself a lot of embarrassment and also having sex in public is against the law. So make sure you park your car in a dark, vacant place and try to do it in the night. Also remember that a car is for quickies only , do not indulge into prolonged sex sessions.

The only positions possible – The only places in the car you can have sex at are the passenger and the back seat. While on the front seat, push the seat behind and stick to the ‘girl on top’ position and on the back seat, you can lie down a bit (not comfortably though) and try some positions that suit you two. Oral sex can be way easier than penetrative sex in a car.

It won’t be so comfortable – Keep yourself ready for some leg cramps as you will be curled up in a small space doing some vigorous action and skin rashes as leather or vinyl seat covers in cars do not allow much movement and thus will hurt your skin.

Radio can spoil the mood – Until you have your own track playing, do not turn on the radio, it can be really risky to turn you both off.

Take care of the after effects – After having sex in a congested place, you can badly smell of sex . So before moving out , make sure you smell good. Now go , drive each other 🚗 ! 😉

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