Convince Anyone Of Anything In 10 Seconds

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Want to convince anyone of anything (product, idea, relationship) in 10 seconds? Here’s how to do it.

1) Tell them who you are

Make people feel you are a trustworthy, honest, likeable. Imagine how your body would feel when they say yes. You would be standing straight, smiling with your palms open ready to close the deal. Be in this manner at the beginning of your pitch.

Also, it’s recommended not to be in a position where you are slouched and your head is sticking out. This position stops you from using full potential of your brain and makes you look untrustworthy.

2) Relax

Take three deep breathes before you pitch. Exhale imagining your stomach almost hitting your back.

3) Don’t use “yup”, “umm”, “right” etc.

People perceive you to be stupid when you reply with “uh-huh”, “mmm” etc. Wait 2 seconds before you reply to what the other one is saying. Actively listen to them instead of thinking of a response.

4) The 6 U’s

Think of these 6 U’s while speaking.

Show why the problem you show is “URGENT”, why your solution is ” UNIQUE” and “USEFUL”. Be ” ULTRA-SPECIFIC” about the details as it exhibits there is no fluff. Make it “USER-FRIENDLY” or simply make it as easy as possible for the other person to say yes. Finally, display ” UNQUESTIONABLE PROOF” in terms of profits, measurable statistics etc.

5) Since childhood , we are taught not to take candies from strangers. Hence no doubt, it’s hard to sell to strangers. Solution? Give them something they highly desire ( recognition, relief, results, romance etc.)

6) Objections

People are going to reject most likely, here are the primary objections and how to tackle them –

a) No time – Stand straight and act like someone who deserves to be heard.
b) No interest – Solve this by accurately expressing the urgency of the problem.
c) No perceived difference – Be ready with your unique difference
d) No belief – Offer unquestionable proof
e) No decision – Again make it as user friendly as possible.

And remember,it’s necessary not about persuasion but creating connections.

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