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Here are the mind tricks that can make your sex hotter


Brain is the seat of all your emotions and arousal. If you train you mind you can have really steamy sex sessions. Know how-

Focus – We often get strayed and don’t pay attention to the moment during sex. Just feel and remember that sex is fun and that your partner wants you real bad. Don’t forget to feel sexy.

Make the surroundings pleasing – Before having sex , dim the lights, light up some scented candles and spray some erotic fragrances that make you remember some date or night you had mind blowing sex. You can also play some music that reminds you of a sexy time before and prepares you for the ravishing time ahead.

Envision yourself – Your mind can stimulate your arousal. Picture yourself with your partner having amazing sex and intense orgasms , feeling the bliss and being super satisfied. It’s sure to get you want to have what you saw.

Remember, it’s all in the head ! 😉

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