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Here are the rarest hacks for better sex for women you haven’t heard before


Have you been getting the same sex-negative advice all your life or are bound in orthodox cultural beliefs? It’s time you emancipate them and know these facts for hotter sex and mindblowing orgasms.

Your sex drive is different– A sex educator, Dr. Emily Nagoski explains that women have a responsive ( to arousal) desire and not an instantaneous one like men. They need “a thoughtful exploration of what creates desire between them and their partner which includes confidence in their bodies, feeling accepted and explicitly erotic stimulation.

Feel good about your body- Feeling ashamed or shy of your genitals will refrain you from getting those intense and better orgasms. Nagoski recommends -”Never say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t want to say to your best friend or your daughter.

Control your brain- Many of us keep worrying about our looks , performance or functioning while having sex, this is called Spectatoring. This keeps you from enjoying the time with your partner fully hence keep all unnecessary thoughts at bay and divert your attention towards your partner and things that excite you. Don’t rush or worry about time as an average woman takes about 20-30 minutes to come. Stress is another factor that can act as an obstacle for the release of your sexual tension. So try to reduce stress by exercising, pampering yourself or just telling your brain that you are relaxed and safe.

Focus on the clit– Nagoski describes the clitoris as the “Grand central station for erotic sensation.” Most woman masturbate by stimulating the clit and do not penetrate themselves. So clitoris awareness is of ultimate importance but you can give yourself pleasure in whichever way you like best.

Make the best to yourself- You may sometimes feel ‘out of the world’ and sometimes may feel ‘just not aroused’ , using the same stimulating moves. The context may be playing a role here. For this try experimenting with different spots and body parts like G-spot, A-spot, U-spot or breasts. It is also important to know what turns you on or off and communicating that to your partner. It also builds intimacy between the two of you. Now go grab your handsome and get going!

And remember to love yourself ! 🙂

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