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Here is all you need to know to have sex underwater


With the mercury shooting up, apart from chilling in the cool water, you might want to have some fun with you partner underwater. But before you do that here is what you need to know-

It’s never too clean- Before getting in , check for the cleanliness, as along with high levels of chlorine, water bodies usually contain a large amount of bacteria (lakes and oceans being the dirtiest).

Water can dry you up- You might feel that it would be easier to penetrate underwater but instead of aiding the process, water actually washes away your natural vaginal lubrication. Due to this while he is moving in and out of you, you might develop micro-abrasions which can lead to an irritated vagina that has an imbalanced pH, probably leading to Bacterial Vaginosis or a Yeast Infection. But keeping some lube handy can save the day as it will compensate for the loss of natural lubrication, Silicone one being the best for this purpose.

Getting pregnant has the same probability- Be it on the bed or in a pool, you have the same chances of getting pregnant if you do not use contraception, so do not compromise on that. The semen does not get washed away in the water. Even if he pulls himself out before ejaculation you have thin chances of being pregnant because of the pre-ejaculation semen release. But do not believe the myth that if some random guy ejaculated in the water you’re in, you can get pregnant because your guy actually needs to ejaculate inside of you to potentially get you pregnant.

STIs are common in submerged sex- Since the water isn’t so clean and your natural lubrication is washed off , you might get slight tears and easily catch a Sexually Transmitted Infection. Having said all of that, let’s not forget how awesome underwater sex can be !

Now go get submerged but remember to Keep Safe !

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