Here is how to convince anyone to let you work at your own time

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According to psychologist Ron Friedman, founder Ignite80 who has organised an online discussion on peak work performance that included 26 world’s top productivity experts says that a person has a upward sloping followed by a downward sloping graph when it comes to flexibility in work hours where the middle point is the highest.
So to convince your boss to let you work at your own hours you can try using these lines-

1. ‘Its just an experiment’
While talking to your boss, keep your proposal as an experiment and convince them to try it, see the results and performance and then evaluate and give feedback.

2.’The business will benefit from this’
Rather than telling them what you will gain, tell them how the company will benefit out of this plan. Talk about how it will help you work and focus better for the company’s good.

3.’I will be motivated to work’
When your company gives you the flexibility to work according to your convenience you will feel obliged and would work harder and focus more to reciprocate the trust that they have endowed you with. Also it increases your loyalty and strengthens your commitment as you don’t want to quit an organisation that provides you such benefits.

4.’My productivity will increase manifold’
All humans have different times when they function the best and hence by having your self-specified hours you can work when you are the most energised and most productive.

5.’We’ll have a better relationship’
Allowance of such a flexibility can help boost mutual trust and the respect for your employer which indeed will make you happier and help work better.

6.’I will be a better employee’
You can confidently tell your supervisor that such a change would help you maintain better work-life balance, reduce stress and boost job satisfaction. Such a scenario would make you happier, healthier and help achieve your goals better suggests a poll done in 2012 by Wall Street Journal and iOpener Institute for People and Performance.

Go ahead , work according to your time now.

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