Here is the most healthy position for sleeping

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the best position for sleeping

Sleeping on your left was originally stated beneficial by Ayurveda but it’s also backed by science. Here’s how:

1.Strengthens the lymphatic system – Sleeping on left side gives ways to pass lymph fluids and process waste even better.
2. Improves digestion – Gravity helps pancreas and stomach maintain their ideal hanging position allowing easy flow of food.
3. Ideal for pregnant women – Improves blood flow to heart, reduces pressure on back, increases blood flow to foetus, uterus and kidney.
4. Reduces heartburn and back pain – Reduces acid reflux symptoms and also pressure on spine helping you avoid back pain.

Therefore, you should ideally start sleeping on your left side, try taking the help by putting a pillow on your back to stop rolling back and sleep on soft mattresses.

Summarised up to 85% from – This is why you should sleep on your left (backed by science)