Here Is Why Adding Milk To Your Morning Beverage Is Healthier For Your Teeth

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Tea and coffee is probably what you begin your morning  with. Few people,  although,  are aware of the fact that it is bad for your teeth.  Dentists warn against too much consumption of tea or coffee because  it stains your enamels.

But why does this happen?  Let’s  take tea for example.  The dark tannins present in the drink  not only give it a bitter taste but also damages your teeth by leaving residue. 

So what can you do?  Simply  add milk to your morning  cup of tea. Casien , the main protein in milk helps you out by attaching to the tannin and avoiding stains. Plus,  dairy products have been found to be more effective  then whitening toothpastes when it comes to,  well,  actually  whitening your teeth.

Don’t  forget to add some milk the next time.

(Source – GoodHouseKeeping)