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Here is why you should sleep naked


It might sound crazy and a bit uncomfortable but sleeping naked actually does a lot of good to your body. It has been scientifically proven that sleeping in the nude helps your body perspire better , regulates it temperature and makes it healthier overall. It might make it difficult for you to move out of bed on winter mornings but theses reasons will definitely convince you for it-

Better Sleep and more comfort- Sleeping naked can be very comfortable as your clothes won’t bother you, your skin can breathe better, you will have improved sleep quality and thus you will have reduced stress levels. The stress hormone, cortisol will be released less since you’ll have a good night’s sleep which will in turn not lead to binge eating (which happens when you’re highly stressed) and hence control weight gain or help you lose weight.

Better self body image- Waking up nude every morning will make you feel less ashamed and more comfortable in your own skin and you will start loving yourself more.

Bare contact with your partner in bed- According to CNN report in 2011, touch has been known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and contribute to increased happiness overall. So when your are sleeping with you partner naked it is definite to lead to some lovely cuddles and more frequent and hot sex.

Less cleaning up- since you aren’t wearing anything to bed , you will have less laundry to do and also you will have less body sweat so you can skip your morning bath, once a while.

Keeps your vagina healthy – Wearing an underwear to bed keeps your vagina inhibited and in moist and dark surroundings that lead to bacteria growth. But if you sleep naked , your vagina will be able to get the air it needs and hence will be healthy.

Less sleep disturbances– Sleeping in the nude lets your body regulate its temperature and keeps it cooler. Otherwise your body overheats and you wake up in the middle of the night sweating.

Are these reasons good enough to convince you to start sleeping naked?
Sleep well !

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