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How To Cheat Your Aging Process


Aging is  a natural process. While many are afraid of it and consider it bad, it’s not about aging as much as it is about how you do so. Here is how to age smartly and cheat the process –

Keep your diet rich in antioxidants

Oxidation is a process occurring in cells that can damage your body by creating free radicals.  Make sure you consume as much antioxidants  as possible  in the form of berries,  tomatoes etc.

Avoid rapid weight loss

Make sure you don’t  lose a lot of weight very quickly until and unless it’s  contributing to a chronic  disease in your body. Having some extra fat helps in decreasing  the appearance of wrinkles.

Take help from vitamins

Egg yolks,  corns,  oranges are some food items that are rich in a compound known as keratinoid which can help you tackle drying and thinning of your skin as you get older . Taking food rich in Vitamin E And Vitamin C can benefit your skin.

Take proteins

Due to inactivity  and low testosterone  , we lose muscle mass as we grow old.  Having protein rich diet evenly distributed throughout  the day makes sure you have good muscles helping you in keeping your strength,  mobility and more.

Anti inflammatory  diet is important

To age gracefully,  avoiding  inflammation (which can happen  from things like smoking,  diabetes etc) is must. A diet rich in omega-3 as well as exercising can help you tackle inflammation.

Take care of your gut

To stay healthy,  it’s  essential to keep your gut healthy.  For this,  avoid non processed food ( Read – How eating processed  food  damages your health)  and have a diet rich in yogurt,  probiotics and high fibre.

Stay young,  stay beautiful. 🙂

Summarised up to  60% from 5 ways to cheat the aging process , according  to dietitians