How to create an effective quarterly action plan for your business?

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It’s highly tempting to create detailed and long action plans for your business but the truth is, the bigger your action plan (more number of pages), the more difficult it becomes to be followed by the whole team. That’s why we found this one page quarterly action highly effective.

Why quarterly? It’s the perfect amount of time to connect your long term goals (2-5 years) for business with your weekly planning and daily action. It’s short enough to quickly analyze growth and iterate things while being long enough for the growth metrics to be meaningful.

Below is the one page action plan :

Action Plan

How to use it?

It’s an easy to use plan with three key steps –

1) Select three “focus areas” for the quarter

– Focus areas are the areas where you will be putting in the best of your resources. Furthermore, these areas will help you in developing your business.

– Keeping one or two focus areas can be a better option at times. Never select more than 3 focus areas (priorities) as it shows that you actually have no “priorities”.

2) Specify the criteria of success for each of the focus areas.

– It’s tempting to dive into action plans directly but first be clear about what defines success for you in each of the focus areas.

– Be realistic about what can be achieved in 90 days.

– Criteria should be as objective and quantitatively measurable as possible. Pick ” Key Performance Indicator” for each of the focus areas. The KPI helps you in determining your performance.

– Create 3-4 criterion for success.

3) Create key action steps and milestones for the quarter.

– Finalize your key action steps and milestones.

– Break down each focus area into 5-7 action steps.

– Keep it detailed but don’t overdo it.

– Pick a team member responsible for the execution of the particular step in a specified period of time. While many team members might be working on a project, you need to pick one person who “owns” the task.

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