How to enhance Intimacy in a long-term relationship

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Did you know what are the three pillars of a relationship? They are PIC i.e. Passion, Intimacy and Commitment and the one that seems to fade away the fastest overtime is Intimacy.

It is that craziness which brings you two closer and makes you fall for each other. It is the fiery spark between you both that seems natural initially but should be intentionally incorporated in a monotonous long-term relationship.
Here are some ways to enhance intimacy and get your love life going –

1. Cherish your lovely past
Once in a while , take time to remember all your happy moments, your tough moments when you stood by each other’s side, your other memories like first date, first kiss , proposal day. It will definitely rejuvenate your love for your significant other

2.Gift each other
Make you partner feel special by giving them gifts of their choice or by pampering them a little by making them a cup of coffee or a much needed back massage or singing their favourite song to them to show that you still care for them.

3.End your day together
Even if you have opposite work and sleep timings, modify them so that you go to sleep together. It will increase intimacy by giving you some time to interact with each other and get you closer.

Sometimes to make your partner feel loved you need to empathise with them and know what they want. Treating them the way they like is sure to get the love song playing.

5. Fall in love with…. yourself first
You cannot love your partner if you do not love yourself. Treat yourself and take care of yourself so that you can put your best foot forward in loving them.

Time to rekindle the intimacy 🙂

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