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How To Flirt With Your Partner In A Long Term Relationship


Flirting in a long term relationship with partner? Yes, you read it right. Flirting can be very beneficial for your relationship. Great couples continue to flirt with each other no matter how old they get. (Read – How to enhance intimacy in a long term relationship) Here is how you should do it –

Dress up –

Do you remember the earlier days of your relationship when you used to spend hours and hours deciding upon the “perfect dress”? From time to time,  go on dates and put that same amount of effort and thought into looking good for your partner.

Compliment –

Compliment  your partner whenever it crosses your mind. Thought your partner  did something  good,  looks good? Tell your partner right then.  Complimenting in front of others helps too.

Humor and Intellectual discussions –

Humor brings people together and if your relationship  is lacking that lately , try to crack jokes together.  Double meaning jokes have a fun of their own. Also, many people enjoy having intellectual discussions (  a lot of times  it acts as the origin of a new relationship),  If you are one such couple,  engage in it more.

Touch and kiss –

Those unexpected pecks, those wild kisses , what happened to them ? Bring them back. And if you are okay with butt grabbing , touching and all that sort of flirty stuff, don’t miss out on the oppurtunities you find.

Sexting –

A sexy text during the middle of the day, which  partner would not enjoy that?  The thing that got your blood rushing through your veins  in the early days of relationship,  it’s  not too bad to practice  it from  time to time (maintain safety though).

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