How to get a million users fast when you are not so lucky?

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Gaining one million users for your product is definitely a great achievement but how to do it when your product isn’t viral or being hyped up in the media?

Here are some actionable steps to help you gain the first million users-

1) Users must love your product

It’s better to have a thousand users loving your product than 1 million just liking it and then not sticking around. Keep gaining feedback from users who love your product and understand them. They are the source of word of mouth marketing. Surveys, reviews can help you in measuring their love for your product.

2) Turn your customers and employees into your evangelists

a) Have a viral loop built into your product. Creating implicit (e.g – when you send mail via mailchimp, your subscribers see a mailchimp badge at bottom) or explicit (inviting connection s on LinkedIn) referral system within your product early on is a must.

b) “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook (Intuit). Enable your product lovers to share and talk about your product as easily as possible.

c) Make sure your employees act as your product evangelists too. Having them as a part of customer interactions and service is a good way to do this?
3) Multiple channels for growth

Smartly investing in customer acquisition is important. Here is how to do it –

a) Incentivize your referral program like Uber, Airbnb etc. Giving incentives to people for referring and using your products has worked tremendously well for some of the best startups out there.

b) Partnerships are important. Understand the channels with whom you can partner in your business field and work towards these partnerships. E.g – Google Play, App Store for an all based businesses. Similarly, business development relationships are useful too (e.g – Pocket app is integrated in 500 apps)

c) Ultimately, paid advertising is useful especially in quickly understanding what works and doesn’t regarding your product and its marketing allowing you to iterate things for better at a faster rate.

Your journey towards a million users, made easy.

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