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How to keep jealousy from spoiling your relationship


Jealousy, a product of insecurity is a major cause of relationship failures. This mixture of frustration, envy, suspicion and sadness can take a toll on you and make you do things you would otherwise not even think of. So before this problem ruins your relationship, this is what you need to do-

Communicate and set boundaries together- Speak to your partner about what you like about their behaviour and what upsets you. Set clear boundaries with mutual agreement about the kind of interaction you both want your partner to have with other people like exes or colleagues.

Find the cause- An important step is to know why you’re feeling jealous. Is is something really annoying or you’re over-reacting? You also need to evaluate if the cause is external or you’re carrying an old internal grudge which is leading to the jealous feeling.

Stay connected to your partner- Being with your partner and showing love to them in the manner they like the most can keep negative feelings at bay. Know what pleases him/her like gifts, quality time, words of appreciation or physical touch to convey your feelings and make them feel loved.

Find your partner’s uniqueness- It is easy to compare your partner to an ex or a colleague and help stem jealousy by making them feel inadequate. Instead make your partner feel good about themselves by appreciating them for the goodness in them and acknowledging what they do for you, to make them feel valued.

For novelty, don’t step out of the relationship- Humans have paradoxical tendencies of consistency and variety. Find newness in your own partner rather than going out to others to have it. Be stable with you partner. The feeling of being ‘unwanted’ can burn your partner with the feelings of jealousy. Understand each other, it is the key to a happy relationship!

Summarised upto 71% from Jealousy  is ruining  your relationship.  Here is how to stop.