How to lose weight without exercising

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How to lose weight without exercising

Thought it was impossible to lose weight without exercising? Here are some quick tips on how to lose weight without exercising :-

1. Try to avoid stress eating. Instead of seeking comfort in eating, engage in other activities that you like (reading, watching movies etc) .

2. Schedule is important, your body naturally requires you to have your food intake at the same time everyday.

3. Have your breakfast. Having breakfast boosts your metabolism which further burns calories in your body right from the morning.

4. Eat slowly and take small bites. It helps your body understand better when you are full further helping you avoid overeating.

5. Eating food that takes longer to digest (fibre rich fruits and vegetables) can make you feel “full” for a longer time again helping you in avoiding overeating.

6. It can be difficult at times to understand whether we are actually hungry or thirsty. Drinking water and waiting a few minutes after that before actually having a meal can help you understand whether you are actually hungry.

7. Avoid watching T.V or computer while eating as doing both together often leads to overeating.

8. Midnight snacking should be avoided as body does not burn a lot of calories during sleep.

It is indeed simple to lose weight without exercising, isn’t it?

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