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How To Make Sure Your Man Doesn’t Lie In Your Relationship


Truthfulness is one of the most important things in a relationship but deceptions and lies are often part of most of the romantic relationships  . While men and women both can lie in a relationship,  this article focuses upon men.

To stop your man from lying in the relationship,  you first need to understand  why men do so.

1) Lack of listening

While women are better listeners among both the sexes,  it has been found that when it comes to listening to the male partner, women often fail to do that well.  They hear simply what they want to and often end up misinterpreting  the man.  As a result, a man resorts to lying when his truth is not being heard or properly  interpreted by the woman.

2) For peace

Men,  in situations,  where speaking the truth doesn’t  have an upside over not saying say so choose to speak the latter.  If speaking the lie can avoid unnecessary drama,  they choose to do it to avoid conflict.

So how can you make sure your man doesn’t  lie?

Psychologists say that people lie to achieve a motive or incentive.  Eg – Men choosing to lie to avoid conflict  have peace as their incentive.   So two things that can help you in making  sure your man doesn’t lie are –

a)  The knowledge  about why they lie ( which we have already helped you with ).

b)  To avoid the lie,  simply remove the incentive associated  with  doing it.  Try to understand what your partner is trying to avoid while lying and try to make sure that the unnecessary  things can be avoided even when he is saying the truth.

Lying is bad in any case,  but in cases where you can avoid it,  make sure you do.