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How to make your conversation in bed hotter


Having a good communication with your partner about sex is really important. It not only lets them know about what gets you going and what turns you off in bed but also enhances intimacy between the two of you. Many of you out there feel conscious or shy to talk to your partner about these things but here are some tricks to ease the process for you –

Bring up the past- If it is getting difficult for you to directly talk about what you want, you can tell your partner about what felt so amazing that night. You can positively bring out the sweet memories and make them understand what you like the most. Even if you have to point out some bad instances make sure you put it up in the best manner possible ( without making your partner feel bad about it) and using lots of lovely words.

Make your partner speak– Since communication is a two-way process, encourage your partner to put forward their points as well. Only then will you be able to understand each other’s needs better.

Start beforehand- If communicating during sex is awkward for you, try starting before you get to bed. You can use it as a foreplay and tell your partner what you would like to try tonight or what can be an alternative. Your partner will love your advances and burn with anticipation.

Non-verbal indications- If speaking is not your thing, don’t. You can hint them about your preferences with your moans, groans and other noises. Even body movements like pelvic movements, guiding their hand or curling of toes can very well indicate you’re loving what they’re doing and can take your lovemaking to a next level. Saying monosyllables like ‘Yeah’ or ‘There’ can also boost their confidence and help them know better about you.

What are you waiting for? Go communicate with your significant other to have an awesome time in bed.

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