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How to make your foreplay hotter for steamy sex sessions


Hotter sex or better orgasms -Sexy foreplay is the key !

Foreplay is the most undervalued part for most couples but if you give it ample time and make it hotter , it can spice things up a big time between the two of you. It not only makes the following sex hotter but also leads to more intense orgasms. Here are some tiny tips can help you set your bed on fire-

Dry hump and take your partner’s clothes off –  Rub your bodies against each other with your clothes on and realise how insanely you want each other. Also take the process of undressing each other slow, it will give you time to admire each other’s body and make it more sensual for you and your significant other.

Ice can make it hot – When it comes to tantalising your partner’s body and make them burn with desire, ice can do wonders.

Kiss, lick, suck– Devour your partner’s lips, kiss them all over , lick the sensitive zones and suck their fingers and toes, it’s sure to arouse them and make your time in bed much better.

Sexting– Foreplay is all about anticipation but if you talk about what you’re going to do in an erotic manner, it can spice things up a great deal beforehand.

Play -pause-play – During your foreplay, do not rush through it , take it slow and take erotic breaks that will drive each one of you crazy and make the after session so much more amazing. You can try touching yourself or flaunting your body in front of your partner.

Include slow oral sex – Use your slow and soft oral moves to build up sexual tension but do not climax during oral. You can use tricks like kissing around the hip bone and stimulating that super sensitive area. A great oral session can be a perfect prelude to hot sex.

Now get going and set your bed ablaze, but before that remember to  ‘warm up’ !
Thank us later !  😉

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