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How to spice up that boring missionary sex


Do your find missionary position to be the porridge of your sex life? After reading this article you won’t. Missionary is not just easy but it can be played around with so well that it can make your sex sessions so much more crazy and intense. Here are a few ways –

1. Make it unpredictable -While as a man you can use your sex moves in a random order to surprise her and as a woman you can seduce him to crazy. Use some tricks like ‘coital alignment technique’ or kiss your partner or indulge in some dirty talking to burn them with desire.

2. Include sex toys– Some sex toys are known to give you that so needed clitoral stimulation. Apart from this they can tweak it up a notch for the two of you. Try using blindfolds to inhibit vision and enable your other senses so much more.

3. Raise your legs– Lift your legs or use a pillow under your back to help him enter you better and hit that G-spot.

Now go grab your partner and try these simple tricks to have a mindblowing missionary sex !

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